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개발자: Chris Hauser
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MediaCalc is a tool to calculate the optimum datarate before encoding a videostream.

• The Preset Values were averaged, because the usable amount of your Mediacapacity can vary.
• The Audio Bitrate Presets are typical used Values for the selected Streamtype.
• If you use multiple Audiostreams enter the Sum of the several Bitrates.
• If you use multiple Videostreams use the Sum of all Durations.
• If you use ROM Data simply strip the amount from the Media Size.
• The Binary Units will be used in the Information Technology, Computer Science and Computer Graphics. The Metric Units will be used in the Networking-, Telecommunication, Media- and Broadcasting-Industry.
• In most cases (ISO-CD, VideoDVD, etc.) you will build Mode-1 Discs. If you produce Mode-2 Discs (CDi, CDXA, etc.) you will use this option.